Micky Huidobro and other personalities give their forecast for Checo Pérez at the Mexican GP

Mexican GP with high expectations to see Checo Pérez win with Red Bull, although Verstappen looks like favorite

It was time for the Grand Prix of Mexico City, the 18th date of the season of F1 in the iconic Autodromo de los Hermanos Rodríguez, cathedral of Mexican motorsports.

The Mexican GP has been dominated by Mercedes and secondly Red bull. Max verstappen arrives as the leader of the drivers ‘world championship and the German team at the top of the constructors’ championship. On the other hand, Czech Pérez he is excited and in a good moment with two consecutive podiums, so he is a logical candidate to win in front of his fans.

Athletes, artists are no strangers to Mexican GP and what F1 causes in the nation. One of these characters in Micky huidobro, Member of Molotov that he is not only an expert songwriter and bassist, he also hits the mark at motorsport.

“My forecast is going to be very risky, but as the end of the season you have to risk everything. In the last 10 races there have been two accidents between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, and that happens every three races. Thinking about that, we could say that, and knowing that Hamilton always cuts curves here, I think he’s going to throw a good roll at Verstappen and those two are going to find each other “, that’s how Micky imagines the start, and then,” comes the father: this is how I put Checo Pérez as the winner, if that happens. Immediately I put Bottas and I would dare to say that Carlos Sainz third ”.

Indeed, in Great Britain Verstappen ended up violently on the wall after a collision with Hamilton on the fast Copse corner. Three races went by and in Italy Red Bull finished on top of Hamilton’s Mercedes. Three dates have passed since then. What will happen?

Verstappen has a 12-point lead over Hamilton. Checo Pérez is fourth and needs to speed up his pace in the points to catch up to Bottas, third in the drivers’ world championship – and in turn move away from the fearsome Lando Norris.

That is the context for the Mexican GP and this is the prognosis of some famous people.


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