‘I’m going to win everything in Mexico and with the Mexican National Team I’m going to win the World Cup’

Ricardo Peláez, sports director of the Club Guadalajara, has reported that Marcelo Michel Leaño will leave the interim, to officially become the new technical director of the Chivas in the remainder of the current Opening 2021 and in the face of what will be the Closing 2022.

Currently, the Flock will seek to advance to the playoffs on the last day when they face off against Mazatlan, and regardless of what happens, Leaño he will continue to lead the group as their strategist.

Michel Leaño began his career as a technical director in 2016, having the opportunity to lead Venados FC, then called Liga de Ascenso MX.

Michel Leaño directing Chivas

Since then he has been very sure of his abilities to lead, stating that he is going to become the best coach in the country, winning everything in the MX League and the World Cup in command of the Mexican team.

“I dream of a reality. Whoever looks outside dreams and who looks inside wakes up; then I daydream that I am going to be the best coach in the country, I am going to win everything in Mexico, I am going to go to Spain and I am going to win everything. , I am going to go to England and I am also going to win everything. And then I am going to return to the Mexican National Team to win the World Cup, “he mentioned in an interview for Liga MX in 2016.

Leaño began his internship directing the Guadalajara from Matchday 10, after the replacement of Victor Manuel Vucetich. He has been commanding the Flock during seven games, getting one victory, three draws and three defeats.

Michel Leaño directing Chivas

The Mexican strategist has managed a total of five teams, three in the Ascenso league: Venados FC (2016), Coras FC (2017) and Athletic Zacatepec (2017-2018). And two in MX League: Necaxa (2018) and Chivas (2020-2021).

His total record is 119 matches directed: 45 victories, 32 draws and 42 defeats (between Liga MX and Copa MX).



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