Red Bull, waiting for another sanction from Hamilton for engine change

Hemlut Marko is confident that Hamilton will go back in some more race

The penalty would be beneficial for Verstappen in the fight for the World Cup

Helmut Marko is convinced that Hamilton will have to release components of his power unit to face the final stretch of the Championship.

Red Bull believe Lewis Hamilton will penalize again for brand new some element of its power unit. The Austrian team believes it is necessary to be able to face the last five races that will decide the World Cup. This sanction would be beneficial to Red Bull and Verstappen should profit from it.

I think Hamilton will still have to serve a penalty, I still don’t know if five or ten positions, but sure it will be an element that will play in our favor. We have to win the next two races to increase our self-confidence and nervousness at Mercedes, “explained Marko in statements to the German station N-TV.

Mercedes has always been one step ahead of its rivals when it comes to power unit, but this year they suffer with the reliability. In fact, Bottas has penalized four times this season.

In contrast, Lewis Hamilton has only debuted a new internal combustion engine at the Turkish Grand Prix, for which he received ten penalty positions on the grid. But at Red Bull they believe that it will not be enough to be at the highest level for the last appointments that will decide the 2021 champion.

For his part, Max Verstappen introduced his fourth full power unit at the Russian Grand Prix, after one of his three allowed engines was rendered unusable in the accident at Silverstone. Unlike Mercedes, Red Bull and Honda have shown no reliability issues this season, so Milton Keynes are ahead.

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