4T makes F1 its own: image and spill; Renault, with Alpine; Telcel and CIE continue / José Yuste

Formula 1 is an expensive event. It is not popular or as accessible as soccer, track and field, or swimming. So why is 4T making it their own? In image, Formula 1 suits the country. Only the television broadcast is seen all over the world. In addition, Mexico has managed to hold an attractive event.

For the secretary of Tourism obradorista, Miguel Torruco, it is a way to attract visitors with greater purchasing power, sought for years.

Torruco sees in this 2021 Grand Prix the opportunity to take the tourist leap. This weekend there will be an economic spill of 14.375 million pesos (between accommodation, tourist services, ticketing and coverage).

In the image you can show a Mexico that is opening up after the coronavirus. For the head of the capital’s government, Claudia Sheinbaum, close to the President, it was important to champion the event. It is a bridge with the private sector.

Sheinbaum seeks to show that Mexico City achieved the complete vaccination schedule in 95% of adults (although we know, and it is not attributable to Sheinbaum, that vaccination is incomplete without inoculation of children and adolescents).

The Obradorista government did not support the Grand Prize of Mexico with the 40 million dollars from other years. But it is not hindering it and is rather taking advantage of it.


300,000 people are expected to attend the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome (vaccinated or tested for antigens). It is an attendance lower than the 475 thousand of other years. But long after the pandemic shutdown.

For CIE, chaired by Alejandro Soberón, it is a challenge because for five years it has been considered the Best event of the year.


For other companies, such as Renault, it is an important event. He brings his Alpine Team, which is in fifth place, with riders like Fernando Alonso. And it is a showcase to show that Formula 1 technology can reach conventional cars, in different advances in suspension, transmission, engine, etc. Even Renault boasts that its Sandero RS vehicle is inspired by F1.


For Telcel it is an important event. His Telmex team has sponsored Checo Pérez and now he comes with Red Bull among the top five drivers on the circuit.

The government of the 4T understood that supporting events such as Formula 1 gains in image – after the economic closure – and in tourism spillover.


The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Arturo Zaldívar, received the US Ambassador, Ken Salazar, who was accompanied by a delegation led by Assistant Deputy Attorney General Bruce Swartz.

Zaldívar explained the accusatory criminal system and the implementation of the labor reform, where the US can observe union votes within the T-MEC.

Before it was only the Mexican government that had the relationship with Washington, now the Judiciary must also do it.


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