Who is David Ochoa, Tata’s surprise in El Tri? – Ruben Rodriguez


One of the novelties on Gerardo Martino’s list for the next call is the call from David Ochoa, Real Salt Lake goalkeeper.

Arquero who for Martino could be the future of the Mexican team and begin to fight for a position for the following World Cups, with less than 22 years of age the player declined his process with the United States to receive an opportunity with the Mexican National Team, and apparently this will arrive in the next few days.

Goalkeeper who has filled the eyes of the coaching staff after great performances with his team in the MLS, a league that Martino has a lot of consideration and attention for due to the constant young people that emerge from Mexican parents.

Ochoa, like Pizarro, Pulido, Álvarez and Dos Santos, are contemplated for the games in Cincinnati and Edmonton, since they have also sent the letters of request to the clubs.


The new list of Gerardo Martino for the most important commitments of the octagonal of the National Team of Mexico Against the United States and Canada, it will be announced on Wednesday afternoon or at the latest Thursday to concentrate on Sunday and travel all week to Indianapolis, where it will work for five days and then the trip to Cincinnati for the game on Friday will be made. November 12 and a day before the game in Edmonton do the same. For this list, and unlike the previous ones, three, four or even five novelties are contemplated in the summoned.

The call request letter has been sent to all the clubs where there are eligible Mexicans in the Old Continent, to take them into account for the following list. In addition to those already known, there could be the return of José Juan Macías, Diego Lainez and Gerardo Arteaga, these three players have received the request of the Mexican National Team, and are waiting to make official their call to enlist with El Tri, after a few months of not appearing after they did not like the ways in which they left the Olympic concentration last summer and the issue of Lainez that was due to injury and that he has barely returned to activity with his club.

With these so-called Martino will have a better side than those he has seen, a sensitive part that has left several headaches to the coaching staff of the Mexican National Team, where even mistakes and neglect have cost points and games. With the arrival of Lainez, in the same way, he will have the imbalance he is looking for and that the Betis player has given him, especially in the second half or when the Mexican team looks lost and without idea, creation and imbalance on offense.

Martino will contemplate his best possible team for these two commitments, where if he came out with positive results and points in the bag, he would be practically tying a ticket to the 2022 World Cup.


After analyzing the financial sanction and the two veto games imposed by FIFA, the Mexican Soccer Federation has decided to appeal the sanction on a game, the game between Mexico vs Honduras on the Azteca Stadium field, since for them, this game does not have a record of manifestation of the homophobic cry in the tribune, so based on that they will request that they remove a veto game and so it remains in just one game behind closed doors and a financial fine.

The dilemma returns, and it is that far from attacking the issue as they should for a long time they look for edges to go out and reduce the damage, instead of accepting it, doing it consciously and responsibly to attack it in a direct and concise way. Again they will appeal a sanction, taking into account that the punishments have been benevolent, since at this point they would be on the points obtained.



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