Cristiano’s ‘fury’ if he sees his children eat potatoes or drink soda

After the image what was done viral at Euro 2020, where Cristiano Ronaldo pushed aside a bottle of Coca-Cola at a press conference, know that the Lusitano gets upset when his children eat French fries or drink soda It does not seem strange at all, since he is a faithful follower of exercise and healthy living.

The now Manchester United player revealed that he does not like that Cristiano Jr or any of its children eat junk food, since he prefers that they eat healthy things, despite being only children; Beyond that, he allows them, but he admitted that they ‘look at it with fear’ when they do.

Potatoes and soda, enemies of Cristiano Ronaldo

In a interview that Cristiano Ronaldo gave in 2020 to the newspaper ‘A Bola’, he confessed that He gets grumpy when he sees that Cristiano Jr eats French fries or drinks Coca-Cola, since he knows that it is not something suitable for him that he would be on his way to be a professional footballer.

“We will see if my son becomes a great player, he is not yet. Sometimes he drinks Coca-Cola and eats French fries; he knows it bothers me. I tell him that after the tape he should rest in cold water and he doesn’t like it. It is normal, he is 10 years old. He has potential, he is fast and he dribbles well, but that is not enough, that does not come with that ”, confessed CR7 a few months ago.

Similarly spoke of the rest of his children, Who eat other things like chocolate, a food that it also bothers him to the Lusitanian but that allows, remembering that they are children and it is normal for them to do so.

“Even with my youngest children, when they eat chocolate, they look at me first and with some fear because they know I don’t like it. I prefer that they have vegetables, healthy things ”, revealed Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo is 36 years old old but plays like a 22 footballer. He has a physical that helps you be at the highest level, He is a scorer and faces important challenges, so his philosophy of ‘no potatoes or soda’ could help CR Jr. a lot.


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