They trust your project! Chivas renewed Ricardo Peláez’s contract

The Chivas directive took one more step to continuity of the current project and for this reason, rThey changed the contract of the sports director of the team, Ricardo Peláez.

Pelaez has in the officially posted since 2020, was presented in November 2019, and the first link culminated in December 2021, same as already it was renewed.

The intention of Amaury vergara, owner of the team is that Peláez continue for many years at the head of the sports management of the Sacred Herd and for that reason, they loved him an indefinite contract so that he was not signing every year.

So today Vergara Zatarain He was at the team’s practice in Verde Valle, spoke with the squad and the players “celebrated” Ricardo’s renewal with the now famous “pasadita”.

Together with Peláez Linares, will follow his son, Ricardo, hoping to have better achievements in the following tournaments.

The former forward it was presented in 2020 What Chivas sports director, after a millionaire investment by elements like Uriel Antuna, Jesús Angulo, Cristian Calderón, Alexis Peña, the renewal from José Juan Macías, and also the hiring of Víctor Guzmán, a negotiation that in the end fell due to the problem of the adverse analytical result that Pocho had in an anti-doping test and that he already paid.

In his management, Chivas have tournaments with 16 points in the Clausura 2020, 26 at Guard1anes 2020, 23 units in the Guard1anes 2021, and He is currently 19.

What’s more, two qualifications to the Repechage, in the first he stayed in Semifinals in view of Lion at Guard1anes 2020, and in the first tournament of 2021 he stayed in the reclassification before him Pachuca.

Peláez’s first important decision

The Peláez’s first decision with his renewed contract will know who will take the Chivas bench, Yes Marcelo Michel Leaño remains and the acting label is removed or go for another option What Jaime Lozano, Ricardo Mohamed or Pedro Caixinha.


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