Huesca director criticizes Ambriz’s work: ‘His idea didn’t catch on’

Mexico City /

Nacho Ambriz arrived at Huesca after shining with the lion in June, however, the results were not given and he was fired in october, leaving the Huesca team in position 12 in the Spanish Second Division. When his dismissal was announced, the critics of the team’s fans did not wait, and now that of one of the managers has also arrived, Ruben Garcia.

The sports manager of the team spoke about Ambriz’s work in the presentation of the new coach, where he commented that “maybe the idea by Nacho has not finished penetrating in the template. In the last month and a half we weren’t happy any of what we were seeing. None were happy“.

Secondly, he also talked about what the team needs, after the results were not given with Nacho on the bench. “What we need is recover ambition and transfer it to the field. That is what the fan has to perceive. “

The mexican technician was on the bench of the Aragonese team in 12 matches, in which he registered four wins, three draws and five losses. At the moment it is not known if he has any other offer or if he will take the reins of a team in Mexico.


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