Two games without an audience! FIFA punishes Mexico for homophobic screaming

Again the Mexican team is punished by him homophobic scream that the fans do, this when the rival goalkeeper clears the ball from his goal.

This behavior of the supporters was presented once again in the matches against Canada (October 7) and Honduras (October 10), causing FIFA will sanction El Tri with two veto matches, as reported by the Disciplinary Commission of this body.

Thus, the duels of January and February against Costa Rica and Panama, respectively, will be played behind closed doors; It will be for March when the set of Gerardo Martino receive to USA and can have the fans in the stands.

Homophobic screaming has become a problem for the Mexican Soccer Federation that he has received other veto punishments and financial fines, as happened last July with the friendly match between Mexico and Iceland on May 29 at AT&T Stadium, the FMF had to pay 100,000 Swiss francs; that is to say, little more than 2 million 200 thousand pesos.

Just at the beginning of Octagonal of the Concacaf towards the World Cup in Qatar 2022, the Tri paid a duel without an audience due to the determination of FIFA by the same act of the fans during the gold Cup. It was like this that on September 2 received Jamaica at the Azteca behind closed doors.


59 minutes into the game against Canada (which until then was tied at one), the cry appeared after a hot moment of the game where the players of both teams had a fight. When goalkeeper Maxime Crepeau cleared the phrase, the phrase was heard.

The Salvadoran whistler, Ismael Cornejo, immediately asked the players to go to midfield as part of Step 1 of the protocol implemented by FIFA for these kinds of situations.

The fans, after seeing that the game was stopped, Cielito Lindo began to sing to try to calm the waters as the game was resumed, many of them ‘hot’ because the Tricolor could not defeat the Canadians.


On the other hand, in the list of sanctions of the highest soccer body, only an economic fine was established for The Savior by the behavior of his spectators in the Cuscatlan so much for the duel before Honduras (September 5) like that of Mexico last October 13, when the players were target a shower of various objects like water bags, glasses, lighters and so on.


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