Griezmann ‘confused’ Joao Félix with a child who accompanies players

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It seems that having left Barcelona you gave back to Antoine Griezmann its scorer’s nose and sense of humor, since prior to the meeting between him Atlético de Madrid and Real Betis, the French ‘got confused’ and believed that Joao Felix was one of the kids that accompanies footballers to the field.

Griezmann is going through a moment of adaptation with Atlético de Madrid but with good passages, well has 4 goals in 14 games played, where 3 of them have been in the Champions League. The connection he is creating with Joao Félix could be beneficial for the club.

What happened between Griezmann and Joao Félix?

As you know, prior to matchs of soccer 11 starting players of each team they form and on many occasions they are accompanied by children to the playing field, something that is very meaningful to them.

In the meeting between Atlético de Madrid and Betis was going to happen this, where the footballers were greeting each other, giving encouragement and others, but Griezmann had a joke prepared for his Portuguese partner.

As seen in the video, the French see that Joao Felix is ​​off guard and takes him by the hand; the lusitanian He thought I was going to greet him but no, he grabbed him so they could go to the pitch together, something that generated laughter between both and the rest of the athletes.

This image went viral on networks social for the comic moment that was lived and for the distraction of Joao FélixWell, he is puzzled at first and until moments later he captured everything that was happening.

Griezmann it was headline in the match but could not score a goal against Betis; Joao Félix replaced Luis Suárez at minute 71 and the sentenced the win of Atlético, since they took the victory by 3-0.


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