American Airlines cancels hundreds of flights due to employee shortage – Telemundo Miami (51)

American Airlines canceled more than 630 flights this Sunday, after suspending more than 1,000 since Friday due to staff shortages and high winds at its operations center in Fort Worth, Texas.

The announcement was made by the airline itself in a statement to NBC.

The airline has been responding through its twitter account to a large number of affected users, apologizing for the delays and trying to make other reservations for them.

On Friday the airline canceled almost 340 flights and on Saturday alone there were more than 500, according to flight tracking site FlightAware.

At Miami International Airport, at least 20 flights were canceled and another 30 were delayed, causing annoyance to passengers or family members waiting for them.

But American Airlines is not the only airline in trouble. Southwest Airlines, based in Dallas, also cut 86 flights or 2% of its operation.

In early October, Southwest canceled more than 2,000 flights that cost it more than $ 75 million.

Most affected customers at Florida, Denver, Baltimore and Chicago airports.


David Seymour, American Airlines chief operating officer, said the problems began with strong gusts of wind that began Thursday and reduced operating capacity at its hub at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

But, the unavailability of pilots and flight attendants were the main reasons for most of the cancellations this weekend.

This generated a large number of complaints from affected customers.

Seymour said he expects the airline’s operation to stabilize in November.

American Airlines is one of the airlines that has been struggling with a shortage of staff since travel demand rebounded in late spring.

The airline is rehiring staff after reducing its workforce due to the coronavirus pandemic. Starting November 1, 1,800 flight attendants will rejoin and the rest will do so in December to prepare for the winter vacation season.

The American Airlines company has canceled more than 1,500 flights due to bad weather and a lack of employees.


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