Zlatan Ibrahimovic challenges Mbappé: ‘He’s too comfortable’

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True to form, during an interview Zlatan Ibrahimovic He remembered his passage through the ranks of the Paris Saint-Germain And incidentally, he took the opportunity to challenge one of the figures of the current squad of the French team: Kylian Mbappé.

I love Mbappé, but still too comfortable, you have to feel the taste of blood, he has to surround himself with people who tell him that he is not the best player and that it has yet to do better. Mbappé is within the top 10, There are players who have been among the best players for a long time and they are young … But there is also Haaland, and also Ibrahimovic, there is no need for more ”, mentioned the Swedish striker to Telefoot.

On his passage through the whole of the ‘City of Light’, the AC Milan element stressed that he was an important piece for the French team to be in the place where it is today.

“When PSG was bought, I was one of the first to be signed. And I am proud of it. Without me, the PSG it would not have become what it is now. Some think I went for the money, the city, or the quality of life. No. I arrived and everything changed”, He mentioned.

Is Ibrahimovic’s retirement approaching?

With 40 years of age, Zlatan Ibrahimovic He has not yet thought about his retirement, he even stated that he wants to “play until he can play”, in addition to leaving open the possibility of signing with another club.

“No, I am the best. You can’t be surprised when you know that you are the best. Regarding my retirement, I have nothing to prover, I don’t want to regret it when I retire. I will continue until someone kicks me out or tells me they don’t count on me. Or when it’s really finished, ”he mentioned.


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