Apple has run out of 6 billion in sales due to supply problems

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People want Apple products. And even though Apple would be more than happy to please all of your anxious fans, can not do it because of the crisis that There are the global supply chain. Its TThe crisis is costing the company losses of billions in sales, since you can’t offer your star machine to make money —el iPhone— to all its potentials buyers.

Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook told Thursday CNBC thats limitations they have in supply chain and manufacturing disruptions causeds for the covid-19 had cost the company a few 6 billion in sales. Cook made the comments following lyou fourth quarter financial results of the company, that for the first time in many years It did not meet analysts’ earnings and income estimates.

Its Tor does not mean that Apple did not have a successful quarter. Got 84400 millions of dollars in revenue, an increase of 29% compared to the last year, and grew in all markets and product categories. The company just didn’t perform What I waited, staying for under the 85000 million in revenue for the quarter they had projected analysts.

“We had a very solid performance despite the limitations in the supply, which we estimate about 6000 million, ”Cook told the CNBC. “Supply constraints were driven by industry-wide chip shortages that have already been talked about at length, and manufacturing disruptions. in southeast asia related to covid”.

Cook said interruptions in the manufacturing related to covid had improved, but chip shortage persists.

The possible lost sales caused by supply shortages, that have affected by iPhone 13 already older products like the iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iMac 2021 and Mac Pro, among others, will get worse during christmas, as reported the Apple’s CFO Luca Maestri.

Despite this, Apple hopes to generate the largest revenue in your history during the next quarter. This could indicate that Apple is suffering high demand for the iPhone 13 and others of his recently announced products such as the iPad mini, the Apple Watch Series 7, AirPods third generation and the Macbook pro.

The company’s fourth quarter financial results have also provided more information on the performance of the iPhone, the chicken that lays the eggs Apple gold. It may be hard to believe, but iPhone sales rose to 38900 million, an increase of 47%. In other words, the company has managed to create a horde of users who switch iPhones with frequency and involving huge amounts of money.

Still, Cook said the chip shortage is preventing Apple from selling as many iPhones as it wants.


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