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14.00 / Movistar LaLiga

Four First Quotes

The first to jump onto the pitch (14.00) will be the eleven of Valencia and Mallorca. Both teams are in the middle of the table and will look for a victory that brings them closer to the top of the table. Later (16.15), Cádiz receives Alavés with the need to have a good match and escape from the relegation places. For the third date of the day an interesting Elche-Espanyol. And, to finish (21.00), Athletic Club receives Villarreal in San Mamés.

15.12 / AXN White

‘Malcolm X’

United States, 1992 (191 minutes). Director: Spike Lee. Cast: Denzel Washington, Angela Bassett, Al Freeman, Spike Lee.

Biographical drama that fairly rigorously narrates the life of the controversial black leader who, in the 1960s, rivaled Luther King himself in the fight for the rights of African Americans. Spike Lee counted on Denzel Washington – whose work was awarded the Silver Bear in Berlin – to give life to the protagonist of this vindictive film, which, unfortunately, had a somewhat excessive duration.

15.20 / Neox

‘The Flintstones’

The Flinstones. United States, 1994 (87 minutes). Director: Brian Levant. Cast: John Goodrnan, Rick Moranis.

Pedro, Pablo, Wilma and Betty, the famous components of the cartoon series that gave such good results to William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, come to life in this forced comedy, which only shows some imagination in the creation of some fun inventions everyday life (the shower, the garbage disposal or some huge fried eggs). The youngest will have a good time.

15.40 / Four

‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith ‘

Mr. & Mrs. Smith. United States, 2005 (120 minutes). Director: Doug Liman. Cast: Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Adam Brodie.

Two of the handsome Hollywood officers, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, star in this action comedy, which is limited to exploiting the presence of the popular duo (forming here a most peculiar marriage, since both are spies who work for rival organizations ) and show some successful action scenes. Entertaining without more.

17.36 / Paramount Channel

‘Presumed innocent’

Presumed innocent. United States, 1990 (121 minutes). Director: Alan J. Pakula. Performers: Harrison Ford, Brian Dennehy, Raul Julia, Bonnie Bedelia.

On a novel by Scott Turow, the director of All the president’s men he rehearses an intrigue with interest that he delves into the case of an honest and respectable prosecutor who is charged with murder. Although it gave for much more, especially for its attractive protagonist cast, the set is very entertaining.

17.41 / Sundance TV

‘Hi, are you alone?’

Spain, 1995 (88 minutes). Director: Icíar Bollaín. Interpreters: Candela Peña, Silke, Álex Angulo, Elena Irureta.

The actress Icíar Bollaín (Flowers from another world) she made her debut in the world of feature film directing with this sympathetic sentimental comedy that chronicles the adventures in which two young friends with many aspirations embark. Awards for the best new director and the audience at the Valladolid Festival for a film that treasures, among other benefits, an excellent work by Candela Peña.

18.00 / Four

‘Charlie’s Angels’

United States, 2000 (94 minutes). Director: McG (Joseph McGinty Nichol). Performers: Drew Barrymore, Cameron Díaz, Lucy Liu, Bill Murray.

As already happened with The fugitive and Mission Impossible, a classic television series jumps to the big screen. On this occasion, the new Charlie’s Angels are embodied by three of the most popular actresses in recent Hollywood cinema: Drew Barrymore, Cameron Díaz and Lucy Liu, and the action revolves around the kidnapping of the designer of an innovative identification program of voice. Although its script is nothing to write home about, the film has a frenetic pace and spectacular melee action scenes choreographed in the purest style Matrix.

19.40 / Paramount Channel

‘The sixth day’

6th day. United States, 2000 (118 minutes). Director: Roger Spottiswoode. Performers: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Rapaport.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, with his usual tough face, gets into the shoes of a helicopter pilot who discovers that a diabolical corporation has reproduced his clone and tries to kill him. From that moment on, he will try to get his life back and save the world from this dangerous cloning movement. Generous special effects.

20.00 / Divinity

Solidarity concert ‘Cadena 100 For them’

To excite and make the audience enjoy with a live solidarity show is the leitmotiv of the concert Chain 100 For them, whose ninth edition will rebroadcast Divinity are late. Vanesa Martín, creator of I am, the anthem that represents the fight against breast cancer in this edition, heads the roster of artists of this show, made up of Malú, Antonio Orozco, Conchita, Pablo López, Sergio Dalma, Álvaro de Luna, Melendi, James Blunt, Efecto Corridor and La Pegatina. All of them will take the stage of the WiZink Center in Madrid to sing some of their most emblematic songs at this music festival.

21.00 / The Sixth

‘laSexta noche’ receives Borja Semper and Gonzo

This Saturday, the sixth night, the program led by José Yélamo and Verónica Sanz, has as guests the writer and former politician Borja Semper and the director of Saved, Fernando González, Gonzo. In addition, they will analyze the news with the experts and will be live at the foot of the volcano to tell the last hour of a day that could be quite complicated for the palm trees and the emergency services due to the more than probable presence of rains on La Palma.

21.30 / The 1

The legalization of marijuana

Weekly report addresses in Cannabis, between the real and the legal the debate on the legalization and business of this drug that 37 percent of Spaniards admit to having used at some point. The program has spoken with consumers, producers, researchers, psychiatrists and security forces that multiply seizures as plantations grow. However, this parliamentary rejection of recreational cannabis has left open the possibility of its legalization for therapeutic purposes. The show will also focus its attention on the crossroads where the beautiful game is at.

22.00 / Movistar Drama

‘Born on July 4’

Born on the fourth of July. United States, 1989 (138 minutes). Director: Oliver Stone. Performers: Tom Cruise, Willem Dafoe, Kyra Sedgwick.

Oliver Stone returns to repeat the issue of Vietnam, as he did in the popular Platoon. On this occasion, it shows the consequences of a war, for many unnecessary, that left its mark on each and every one of the soldiers who traveled to that country. Fight against the symbols for a box office and commercial film that contains scenes of unquestionable interest and that showed a Tom Cruise far from his conventional roles.

22.05 / The 1

‘The return of Ben’

Ben is back. United States, 2018 (98 minutes). Director: Peter Hedges. Performers: Julia Roberts, Lucas Hedges, Courtney B. Vance.

Careful drama inspired by real events with the always effective Julia Roberts in the role of courageous mother, a woman who soon realizes that her son who has just arrived at her home is still not well because of drugs and that during the following 24 hours you must do everything in your power so that your family does not collapse. The other foot on which this credible story rests, this intense interpretive duel, is the great work of Lucas Hedges, son of the director and screenwriter of this film, nominated in 2017 for an Oscar for best supporting actor for Manchester by the sea.

22.15 / Four

‘Red Sparrow’

Red Sparrow. United States, 2018 (139 minutes). Director: Francis Lawrence. Performers: Jennifer Lawrence, Joel Edgerton, Jeremy Irons, Charlotte Rampling.

Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence and Australian actor Joel Edgerton are the most than correct protagonists of this intense and absorbing espionage intrigue directed with a firm hand by Francis Lawrence. All adorned with a plot loaded with lies, a lot of suspense and abundant doses of sensuality.

23.35 / The 2

The power of breasts

The breast has the power of seduction, sexual and life giving. Breast milk is a complex substance that still holds more than one secret. Protects against viruses and cancer and increases intelligence. However, in a few years now, breast cancer is becoming one of the most common diseases. On Tuesday, World Breast Cancer Day was celebrated and The thematic night dedicate this broadcast to The power of breasts, with the broadcast of two documentaries, Exposed breasts and The breast milk boom.

0.05 / # 0

‘Desert centaurs’

The searchers. United States, 1956 (114 minutes). Director: John Ford. Cast: John Wayne, Jeffrey Hunter, Vera Miles, Natalie Wood.

The irrational hatred that a former Confederate officer, lonely, misunderstood and vindictive is taking to the Indians over the years leads to madness in this highly acclaimed film by master John Ford. The great John Wayne, in a totally unusual role within his fruitful filmography, stars in this wonderful story, considered by all to be a true masterpiece of the genre.

0.10 / TCM

‘Eyes Wide Shut’

United Kingdom, 1999 (152 minutes). Director: Stanley Kubrick. Cast: Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise, Sydney Pollack, Marie Richardson.

Stanley Kubrick took more than two years to shoot his cinematic testament. The renowned director turned his attention to an Arthur Schnitzler original to shape this intense but irregular drama -after an impressive start he loses his way somewhat-, which navigates the harsh crisis suffered by a bourgeois marriage played by Tom Cruise and a brilliant Nicole Kidman.

2.08 / Movistar Classics

‘The seven samurai’

Shichinin no Samurai. Japan, 1954 (205 minutes). Director: Akira Kurosawa. Performers: Toshirô Mifune, Takashi Shimura.

One of the great works in the history of cinema. Master Akira Kurosawa put all his cinematic knowledge and his innate narrative expertise at the service of this masterful story, the forerunner of titles such as The Magnificent Seven. At the head of the cast, the always regal Toshiro Mifune. This is a restored version of the film in high definition from the original negative, with materials created by the prestigious American company The Criterion Collection.

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