Will Smith narrates documentary Night of the Dead in Michoacán

Morelia, Michoacán.- The artist Will Smith He is the narrator of one of the most beautiful videos / documentaries made in the Capula estate in Michoacán, where death takes the form of a monarch butterfly.

At the beginning of the video, a man painted as a catrín raises his enormous monarch butterfly wings that come out from his arms and an imposing plume adorns his head, as he walks through the cobbled streets of Capula, the capital of the catrinas.

“After more than two thousand miles they arrive at their winter home. And there is a welcome party waiting to receive them ”, are the first words of Will Smith who question aloud the arrival of the Monarch butterfly to Mexico during the celebration of the Night of the Dead.

Will Smith narrates documentary Night of the Dead in Michoacán

A small inhabitant of the Capula estate gives life to the video with her grandmother, who, as part of the tradition of the arrival of the souls, cut marigold flowers to offer to their dead.

“We put flowers because it attracts souls (…) When I see a butterfly I think it is one of my grandparents or one of my uncles or the little angels,” says the girl while placing the marigolds on the graves of her loved ones and some colorful monarchs fly around her.

“The arrival of the Monarchs arriving at the same time as the Day of the Dead becomes part of a single culture,” complements Will Smith.

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The video was shown on November 10, 2020, in order to make Mexican culture a little more visible, but it is one of the favorites of the state of Michoacan throughout the year and more, on the eve of the Night of the Dead.

And, you, have you seen it?

Will Smith narrates documentary Night of the Dead in Michoacán

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