George Clooney wears this watch when he wants to feel a little more George Clooney

The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra from George Clooney it’s not bad at all. While stainless steel watches like this one are often relegated to the casual section of the collection – destined for dining out and errands – for Clooney, as for so many other men, it is a center of power for everything.

Amal’s husband he’s been wearing his Seamaster all week in all the occasions that have been presented to him. Here it is at the premiere of the new movie he has directed, The Tender Bar. Here he is again as “Clooney, 60, elegant in a gray suit” after a “romantic dinner” in New York, as documented by The Daily Mail.

Do you think steel watches like that Seamaster of George Clooney could they look “fancy” and go to “romantic dinners” decades ago? That was the territory reserved for gold leather strap watches, my friends. Now, Clooney can get away with wearing his watch all the time. This week he was back in his element when he paired it with a polo shirt and jeans for an afternoon stroll.

David M. Benett

George Clooney’s Seamaster Aqua Terra

As an Omega ambassador, George Clooney charges to wear brand watches. But I’d say their agreement only makes this sequence of events all the more remarkable. Clooney can get his hands on pretty much any Omega watch – he could trade them in the middle of dinner, if he wanted. Instead, it is clear that he has opted for this particular piece like the watch you want to wear all the time.

Kanye West’s Royal Oak Concept Flying Tourbillon GMT

Kanye west was on TikTok this week with Chris Smoove, who is known for asking strangers how much their suits cost. (I’d say it’s a surprising place for Kanye to appear, but at this point nothing involving the rapper counts as a surprise.) Smoove went from head to toe asking Kanye for the cost of his clothes.

How much is the hat? How much do the glasses cost, Ye? How much does the hoodie cost? How much does the bag cost?

Each time, Kanye would reply in a monotonous tone: “I do not know”.

Finally, Smoove asked him about his watch. Kanye paused to think for a moment before telling Smoove: “200,[000] Dollars”. Even for the Royal Oak Concept line, in which Audemars often push the limits, this watch – with skeleton dial, GMT complication and tourbillon – is something very advanced. Kanye doesn’t have to think about spending thousands of dollars on a Balenciaga bag, but it is difficult to erase from memory spending $ 200,000 on a watch like this.

RB / Bauer-Griffin

Kumail Nanjiani’s Patek Philippe Aquanaut

Kumail Nanjiani He now has an action star body and is at the helm of the next massive Marvel movie, The Eternals. And, how could it be otherwise, he has a watch that accompanies his new identity. The Aquanaut is Patek’s sports watch, able to accompany you when you have to save the world from dragon-shaped monsters. Or, rather, the kind of watch action stars love to wear on the red carpet.

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak by Offset

Offset carries a new version of AP’s revered Royal Oak that launched in the summer. As we pointed out in our first article on these watches, they are technically made for women, a technicality that shouldn’t scare anyone. Offset, a member of Migos, is willing to do away with the old idea that watches should carry gender labelsEspecially when they are as pretty as this lilac Royal Oak. The watch’s bezel is set with 32 amethysts, and AP describes the dial as a “chameleon,” capable of turning purple to pink depending on the light. Together, Cardi B and Offset are building a great unisex collection.

Stephen Gosling

The Rolex Sky-Dweller Bradley Beal

The Sky-Dweller is establishing itself as the favorite watch of NBA superstarsWhether they are emerging talents or Hall of Famers. In the past year, the watch has appeared on the wrists of Michael Jordan, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and LaMelo Ball. Beal, who is entering a critical season with his Washington Wizards, is getting into business with the Sky-Dweller.

* This article was originally published at GQ USA

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