Ryan Reynolds’ character comes to the game

This Thursday, Free Guy: Taking Control, the new movie where Ryan Reynolds is an NPC in a video game, was released, and as expected, a collaboration with Fortnite has been announced.

Epic Games revealed that they have added new Free Guy missions in Fortnite that allow players to unlock Ryan Reynolds’ “Rudo” (Dude) character outfit in the Item Shop, in addition to a special emote.

We introduce you to Guy. It’s just an ordinary … forget it. Guy has just discovered that his life as a bank teller is not exactly what he thought. He is actually a background player in an open world game. So now is it coming to Fortnite?

Well, something like that. In case you didn’t know, Guy is very busy trying to save Free City. So even if he’s not getting on the battle bus, he’s making a special appearance. Find ATMs and follow Guy’s instructions to complete the new Free Guy’s missions.

So as indicated in the post, they just have to find ATMs and follow the instructions that Guy will give them to be able to unlock the rewards that are the muscular outfit of Rudo de Guy and the Good Guy gesture.

Free Guy missions in Fortnite will be available between August 12 and September 6.

As you know, the collaborations in Fortnite are nothing new since it has had multiple and of all kinds, including the Avengers, John Wick, the NFL and even the Air Jordans.

Javier Flores Villarreal is a fan of video games, movies, series, cars and good music. You can find it on Twitter as @Javier_FV.

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