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Rihanna vs. L’Oréal: The Fight to Lead the Cosmetics Industry – World Order

The cosmetics market is on the rise even despite the pandemic. In 2019 it was valued at $ 532 billion and, even with the COVID-19 crisis, the sector remains highly lucrative due to the moderate price of beauty products, its emphasis on self-care and the ability to shop online .

Celebrities have always been closely linked to this industry, either as brand ambassadors or by lending their name to a product. However, they are no longer satisfied with an advertising relationship: from Jennifer Aniston to Kylie Jenner, many have decided to create their own brands. The existence of more and more options to outsource product formulation, design or distribution makes it easier to create a new company. They can also cooperate with an “incubator” company that develops the products to suit the new brand, or even create it from scratch.

Millions of followers, millions of potential clients

While independent companies have to build visibility, celebrity companies make themselves known to their fans even before they hit the market. Thus, JLo Beauty, by Jennifer Lopez, or H …

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