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Not even Nicolas Cage wants to see his movies

The actor has reached such limits that he assures that not even he himself dares to see his latest work, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, where he interprets himself. Everything indicates that he is not happy with the vision that is offered of him. “I am never going to see that movie. They have told me that it is good and that the public who have been able to see it have loved it. But it is a very fat smoke for me to go to the cinema and see myself playing a highly neurotic and anxious version of myself “, he comments.

On the screen, Nicolas Cage looking to land a role in the next Quentin Tarantino movie. However, he will end up involved in a convoluted plot in order to pay off his debts: a billionaire who pays him a million dollars to attend his birthdays turns out to be a super dangerous drug lord. The CIA will intervene after this kingpin kidnaps the daughter of a candidate for the presidency of Mexico, and will ask Nicolas Cage for help to help in the rescue.

He assures that he liked working with the director of the film, Tom Gormican (The girlfriends of my friends), despite not agreeing with how he portrays him. “I told him ‘Tom, that’s not me’, because in reality I am calm, thoughtful and I take a lot of time to think,” said the interpreter who clarified that he is not as unhinged as the film wants to make him seem. “But he said to me, ‘okay, but the neurotic Nicolas Cage is the best Cage,’ so I replied, ‘okay, okay, let’s go with it, I’ll do whatever you want,” added the actor.

The premiere is scheduled for April 2022.

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