Leonardo DiCaprio Invests in Two Lab-Grown “Meat” Startups

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The actor Leonardo DiCaprio announced that he invested in two companies that develop “meat” from animal cells. It’s about the companies Aleph Farms and Mosa Meat, which from now on have the American as one of their investors and also an advisor.

In a statement issued together with the startups, DiCaprio explained: “One of the most effective ways to fight the climate crisis is transforming our food system “.

In addition, he specified that the companies of which he is now a part provide a double benefit. “Mosa Meat and Aleph Farms offer new ways to meet global demand for beef, while solve some of the most pressing problems in today’s industrial meat production“, asserted the actor, that he did not disclose the amount he will invest.

Meat: DiCaprio and other investments

DiCaprio is already an investor in plant-based burger, sausage and meatball firm Beyond Meat.

In turn, according to an article by France24, several startups have entered the field of cultured meat, which promises to produce animal proteins with less environmental impact than intensive agriculture.

On the other hand, the Dutch Mosa Meat was co-founded by Mark Post, the first to present to the public a portion of ground beef “in vitro” made with cow stem cells in 2013.

In this sense, those who support the production of alternative meat argue that these companies are a critical component in tackling climate change.

The reason is that conventional livestock management generates greenhouse gases by cutting down trees to make room for raising livestock and by emissions from the animals themselves.

Also, while meat of vegetable origin reached the main supermarkets, farmed meat continues a much earlier phase of commercialization. Costs remain high and so far only Singapore has approved the sale of these products.

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