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Italy: George Clooney turns to help in the floods of Lake Como, where he has had a house for 20 years | People

Last Tuesday, rain began to fall in torrential quantities over northern Italy, already close to the country’s border with Switzerland. The residents of the area had to take refuge wherever they could because the water flooded the houses, destroying several of them. Three days of incessant rains that have left a devastated landscape covered with mud and debris that washed down from the mountains on one of the best known, tourist and luxurious areas of Italy, Lake Como. The area is as well known as they are his neighbors, and one of the most illustrious has wanted to come to the aid of the place: none other than George Cloney.

The actor of, among others, Batman & robin and Gravity He has spent several weeks with his wife, lawyer Amal Clooney, and their twins Alexander and Ella, who have just turned four, at Villa Oleandra, the mansion he has owned for 20 years on the shores of the lake. In the residence, one of the most appreciated by the actor, they have stayed from the Obamas with their daughters to David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones or Jennifer Aniston, as well as Enrique of England and Meghan Markle . Last year due to covid-19 the family did not go to their Italian residence, but this summer they have been there since at least the beginning of July.

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Clooney feels like one more neighbor of the place and that is why he has helped with the cleaning and removal of rubble and has also announced that he will try to raise funds for Laglio, the village to which his house belongs and which has been left in a completely dilapidated state. caused by the mud and debris washed away by the rains, which have flooded and even submerged some of the houses. According to Roberto Pozzi, mayor of Laglio, the British newspaper The TimesClooney was quick to take matters into his own hands. “He came straight to the town hall to see what had happened and we took him for a walk to check the damage,” explains Pozzi. “He was really worried and said he wanted to help. We are going to raise funds and he will use his own channels to do so as well, so we can help people who have been left homeless, ”pointed out the local councilor.

In a photo taken on July 28, 2021, crews work clearing debris in Laglio, northern Italy, after the floods.
In a photo taken on July 28, 2021, crews work clearing debris in Laglio, northern Italy, after the floods.MIGUEL MEDINA (AFP)

Clooney himself has made statements on local Italian television, where he apologized for not being able to speak the language. “It’s much worse than I thought,” explained the actor in English. “In Cernobbio [una localidad más al sur] the situation is serious and in Laglio it is even worse. I have spoken with the mayor and there is going to be a lot of work, it will cost millions of dollars, but this city is strong. It will react and it will be even better than before. It is a city with a great capacity for resilience ”, he stated. 60 people had to be evacuated from the entire area, 30 of them from Laglio.

“Anyone who comes to Laglio will pull their hair out of the seriousness of the situation,” said Mayor Pozzi to the Times. “Around half a million cubic meters of materials have flooded the city. We need the government to declare a state of emergency and give us extra financial support ”. In addition, Pozzi told the newspaper The Sun that up to four houses had been completely destroyed by the rains.

Clooney’s relationship with the entire Lake Como area in general and with Laglio, of just 900 inhabitants, in particular has been close for years. In 2004, the city council named him a neighbor of honor. “Its link with the town is already a heritage that no one can take from us,” said the then mayor, Giuseppe Mantero. The locality has always corresponded to the enormous publicity that the interpreter makes for it. Around 2010, it began to speculate that the actor, overwhelmed by the persecution of the photographers, wanted to sell the mansion, so in 2014 his councilor issued an order to prohibit anyone from approaching less than 100 meters from Villa Oleandra. In 2015 and due to the insistent rumors of a possible sale (there was talk of 90 million euros, when the villa cost 10), fines of up to 500 euros were imposed for anyone who dared to approach the property. So Clooney can rest with the peace that he will seek there.

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