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Fortnite: Visit the sherbet factory aboard the mothership, challenge Week 10, Season 7

This challenge is part of week 10 of season 7 of Fortnite. He will ask you to visit the sherbet factory aboard the mothership. In fact, the main building of Sticky Swamp was absorbed by the aliens thanks to the giant tractor beam coming from the mothership. This means that the location is no longer on the map and therefore you must enter the ship to complete this challenge. We explain everything about the procedure to follow.

How to use the mothership?

Other weekly challenges have already asked you to interact with the mothership. To do this, you must first land near a suction saucer whose locations are indicated on your minimap at the beginning of the game. For the next step, you will have to wait a bit as the flying machine must acquire a fluorescent green hue and throw rays in the direction of the ground. Now you just have to wait to be absorbed by the ship, it is very easy if you do not come face to face with an enemy.

This should trigger a kind of minigame in which then you will find yourself in the bluish factory with just one Kymera pistol as a team. In itself, the challenge will already be complete, but keep in mind that by participating in the game you will be able to unlock rewards. Avoid enemy shots and collect the golden orbs scattered all over the playing field to increase your number of stars. Watch out now that you only have a limited time to get as many as possible and thus unlock more or less good equipment.

Nothing too complicated but it will take a little time. Therefore, it is recommended complete this challenge at the beginning of the game to be calm but also to potentially recover legendary teams and have the top 1 at hand.

Getting a Grapple is a challenge of week 10 of season 7 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite. In this guide we explain how to complete it easily.



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