What to do to get the Piranha Peak of season 6 for free?

As a promotion of Fornite’s Creative mode we can get some free rewards courtesy of Epic Games

It has already become commonplace for Epic Games to give Fornite users, the jewel in the crown, a significant amount of rewards as updates and new video game content occur.

On this occasion, and on the occasion of a new edition of the Creative Caos event, players will be able to obtain two cosmetic items completely free of charge, Piranhas Peak and Pescao Dorao graffiti.

Well, and what should we do to get them … well, take note:

  • Register with your account here.
  • Just by logging in, you will get the graffiti.
  • To get the pickaxe, you must enter Fortnite Creative mode and enter the following island code: 1994-6642-9073.
  • Once you have spent at least 30 minutes within the map that you will access with that key, you will be able to unlock the pickaxe.

It’s that simple, follow these steps and you can enjoy your rewards.

On the other hand, we remember that recently there has been a massive leak of possible skins that will come to the game in the next few dates. You can get all the information here.

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