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The day Meryl Streep was the voice of the fight for the female vote

Today the struggles for women’s rights, and equality, continue to exist. Surely since they began, progress has been made, but that does not mean that the path has ended. Throughout history, multiple names and voices have mobilized change. One of the key women in these movements was portrayed in the movie “Suffragette (Suffragettes), 2015, by Meryl streep, which tells the story of the women who fought to be able vote in the United Kingdom. That’s why today in CruzArte a story: Emmeline pankhurst, the leader of the suffrage movement.

Start of the fight

Emmeline crane She was born in Manchester in 1858. The political activity of her parents and the education she received in Paris led her to be part of the suffrage movement from the age of 14. Shortly after, she married attorney Richard Pankhurst, who had supported the female vote and accompanied her in her fight. They had been around for about 20 years and, although many recommended that he make her his lover, he wanted to share his life with her.

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