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The creator of ‘Percy Jackson’ clarifies where the series is and affirms that Disney is “at the top” with it

Percy is one step closer to the adaptation we all want. Rick Riordan has just updated the point in which the ‘Percy Jackson’ series that is cooked on Disney + is, and all are good feelings. The author of the successful fantasy saga recalls that at the time he was too optimistic about a premiere next year, and that most likely a launch in 2023. “This is my personal estimate and should not be taken as a firm date … A lot has to happen before we can start shooting! The best I can tell you is that we’d rather do it right than rush and develop it quickly.

  Logan Lerman in 'Percy Jackson'

Riordan also says that finally the executive leadership of Disney Entertainment, Disney TV, 20th Century Studios and Disney + met with him, a meeting that ended on a very positive note. Leadership goes ‘to the brim’ with doing this series and doing it well. Many of them also have children who have grown up with Percy Jackson, so they get it. They understand that there are millions and millions of fans who are eagerly waiting to see Percy Jackson come to life in a new way.. We feel supported and listened to, and I am more confident than ever that this series is progressing as needed. “.

Of course, we do not advance events because has not yet been officially green-lit. “I did not expect that from this meeting. However, we have clear instructions on what executives need to see from us to give that green light, and we are working to get them this material “.

With much trust

Although Riordan has revealed that absence of a “green light” for the aforementioned series of ‘Percy Jackson’, ensures that the entire team works on its development assuming that it will succeed. “This is a GREAT series, and we need to make sure the approach is perfectly outlined before we hit the gas. In the meantime, we are moving forward with the assumption that the project will go ahead. The writers room has outlined the first season, episode by episode, scene by scene, so we can start talking about the look of the creatures and the production design., while we work to finish the rest of the scripts for the season. (That job will still take months) “.

We have also started to consider possible locations for filming, and I think we are close to signing the director of our pilot. I wouldn’t be surprised if we could start talking about the next steps in the casting process pretty soon, but I can’t be sure of anything. Still nothing is set in stone “. We will have to wait a little longer.

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