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“My son surprised me”: Sofía Vergara confesses what it was like to work with Manolo in the movie ‘Koati’ | Wake Up America Shows

It also fills us with a lotpride. ahead.most successful latinas soíavergara knew all about hisnew movie.maity: soía is extremelydraft. there is pure talentLatin. everyone is shining,He spoke of “coaí”. the new oneanimated tape for the wholefamily.we have seen soía vergaraactress, jury, now is theboss. a snake in the newsoía: my character is a …it is a snake.[risas]a jungle animal that isvery hot.she’s Comic. that was whatliked the character. becausePené, what was the character?perfect for him.maity: soía tells what youfell in love with this story. thecharacters.dreamed: I think that’s whatspecial project. we’reshowing a part that manytimes has not been shown asall this fauna, all thisamazonia. animals that are inextinct that many people do noteven know. animals thatmany children do not know. kidswho have never had contactwith this nature. I thinkthat it will be a very cute moviebecause. they will discover manynew stuff.I think there are two messagescute in the movie. one isthat we have to help,protect nature that isvery important. The Amazondifficult. I think it’s somethingimportant to the land thatWe have to protect. the otherthe character is livingprincipal. is to find yourfamily. feel part of onefamily, protect your family.maity: talking about familywe asked how was workingwith yours. here your colleaguesactors are his son manolo and hishusband.characters. the producersthey thought they were perfectfor papers. for i, methe idea fell in love. my husbandhe was happy with this projectLatin. my son was surprisedmuch. I thought that manolo was going tomake a little character andwhen i saw the finished movieI was super surprised andmoved. he shot avery cute character, verymaity: it’s like a passport toLatin America so that the peoplewho has never been to ourlands know something about her.when we asked soíaHow did he describe his landColombia someone who has nevergone Barranquilla was saltedthrough the pores.Soía: my land Colombia isone of the countries in the worldwith the more eotic fauna.I don’t say it, they say itScientists.It is a special country.the food, the people.many difficult moments, butthe energy and spirit ofto break. we move we are going throughdifficult moments. during thepandemic, for example, butyou can see the people whowants to wait for thenext carnival.maity: soía vergara sesaid goodbye with a special greetingfor all our people.Soía: I send a big kiss toall the people of “wake upwho has always supported me.I hope you enjoy thismovie. I think that parentsand the children will take advantage of themessage. they will enjoy themusic. nostalgia for ourland. I think supporting theLatinos is important forto be able to make more productionswhere we can include more thanLatinos.[úsica]maity: is the new face ofSoía vergara. a project thatit makes her very proud “coaí”.has a whole cast oflatin celebrity. let’s goto be able to enjoy all. havemarc original musicanthony, carlos rivera, mau andricky, eva luna, really.all the latin cast that youimagine that movie is.karla: in addition, with a messagepower of solidarity, ofteamwork. I alreadyyou know. opens on 15October. we love to see ithappy, how do you talk about, support Latin cinema.maity: exactly.I think that will be the excuse

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