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“Looks Like a Double”: Tom Cruise’s Striking Physical Change

Last Saturday October 9 Tom cruise He went to see a baseball game with his son Connor who faced the Giants with the Dodgers at Oracle Park in San Francisco. The 59-year-old actor’s appearance attracted attention among the audience for his surprising physical change, as can be seen in the images that circulate on social networks.

With the much more rounded cheeks that usually, the actor looked quite different from what we are used to. A change that many have associated with a botox filler, since the skin of the forehead and neck are also excessively stretched. Although there are also those who believe that this change is simply due to a weight gain.

Whatever the reason, users have not been able to avoid making funny comments on social networks about it. “It looks like a double”, “Get my money back from Mission Impossible” or “It looks like a squirrel” are many of the comments that can be read.

Tom Cruise denies tinkering was done

The passing of the years is a struggle that many famous people deal with, who refuse to grow old by resorting to touch-ups and cosmetic surgeries. In the case of Tom cruise, rumors have been going around for years that he has been tinkering to stay young, although he has always denied it.

But the truth is that in 2016 he appeared at the BAFTA awards with the more raised cheekbones than usual and the dwarfed eyes. A physical change that gave a lot to talk about at the time, and that the actor commented on television Cuba Gooding Jr. on the TV show Watch What Happens Live: “I don’t know what exactly is done, but one day I surprised him at his house and he had face covered in tiny red dots“.

Several cosmetic surgery specialists have told US media that the actor has undergone several filler injections, at least two rhinoplasties and even a hair transplant, although they have not wanted to reveal their names for fear of possible legal reprisals from Cruise .

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