Jack Nicholson’s ax in ‘The Shining’, on sale for more than 50,000 euros

Cinephilia and collecting are two very well-liked passions. The Hollywood films that have most penetrated the heart of popular culture have not only illuminated great stars, those actors and actresses adored by millions of people around the world, but also they have directly encouraged the collection of articles, clothing or significant objects of all kinds.

And if there is a significant object in the movie ‘The Shining’, one of Stanley Kubrick’s great masterpieces and adaptation of Stephen King’s novel of the same name, is the famous ax that the crazed professor played on screen Jack Nicholson carried with him through the corridors of the lonely hotel where he and his family had settled. The weapon is also ‘co-star’ of the mythical bathroom scene, in which the character of Nicholson ended up terrorizing his poor wife, played by Shelley Duvall.


Warner Bros.

As well, British collector Paul Fraser has now put up for sale one of the replicas that were used during the making of the film. And the ‘replica’ condition is important, since the props is a styrofoam ax which, as Fraser himself points out, “It was used as a substitute for the original wooden ax as a precautionary measure and for added convenience during filming.”

The collector has explained that the piece in his possession would have appeared in general shots, or in those in which more than one character appeared on the scene. In any case, The material from which this particular ax is made does not appear to have influenced the pricing: the cost is 45,000 pounds, that is, more than 50,000 euros. It does include, yes, an autograph from Nicholson.


Paul Fraser Collectibles

The amount may seem crazy, but the truth is that you have to bear in mind that the original wooden ax (or at least, according to Fraser, the only one that survived the passage of time), sold in 2019 for almost 200,000 euros …

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