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how to get the Neymar prizes of the Neymar Jr Cup

The long-awaited appearance of Neymar in Fortnite is already a reality around the corner in Season 6, and the good news is that you can get free prizes from the hand of the Neymar Jr Cup to be held on April 28 at Epic Games game.

How to get free Neymar prizes

For get Neymar prizes we must participate in the Neymar Cup which will begin on April 28. In it, solo players from all over the world will face off in their own regions to get the two available prizes.

The competition will be divided by regions and, depending on the position we obtain in a single game, we will earn more or less points. The best from each region can win the jackpot: a personalized football boot.

Neymar Cup

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Points range from 30 for the first to 1 point for positions 51 to 75, and each elimination will add 1 point. If we want win free spin ace emote It will be time to get 8 points. Only the winners from each region will get the boot.

The competition will consist of 1 solo game without limitations in which those over 13 years old with level 30 or more can participate. Good luck to those of you trying to get hold of Neymar’s awards.

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