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Hearthstone Update What changes are coming to the game?

Blizzard announced that the next update of Hearthstone, card game based on the universe of World of Warcraft, will have a new type of minion on the battlefields, and furthermore, it will incorporate the battle decks ready.

The changes brought by patch 20.2 I know will be implemented from May 4.

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The company indicated that Quilboar will be the new type of minion will arrive in the game with 17 new minions, 3 new heroes and the new game mechanics from battle decks ready, that will allow all players start your collection in the modes of ‘armed with mallets’.

Battlegrounds update

The arrival of Quilboar is accompanied with the new mechanics of the ‘Blood gems‘, which consists of a new type of spells that grant + 1 / + 1 to an allied minion.

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New heroes and new minions

Xyrella: his skill ‘Behold the Light’ allows choose a minion in Bob’s Tavern and add it to the player’s hand. He sets his stats to 2.
Blackthorn Deathspeaker: his power ‘Bloody Bond’ (Passive) acts after upgrading Bob’s Tavern, the player gets 2 blood gems.
Vol’jin: this character can use the power ‘Spirit exchange‘which allows you to choose two minions and exchange their statistics.

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Battle decks ready

The player will be able to add a full maso a class of your choice to its permanent collection, thanks to the ‘battle decks ready’ option. Players will also have the ability to buy the battle decks ready in the website and in-game store for a limited time, this can be done with a limit of one unit per account.

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