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Fortnite: The Nightmare Before the Tempest is now available, with classic Universal monster skins, cards and new items

Halloween comes to Fortnite with new items, skins of the classic Universal monsters, themed characters and many more news … now available.

With the month of October already started, that only means one thing: the arrival of Halloween 2021. Fortnite joins the party with its event Nightmare before the storm, Now available.

This Fortnite Halloween event is now available, thanks to the efforts of the Battle Royale community and the collaboration of Epic Games. There are lots of terrifying news to enjoy (and suffer).

Available from today, October 5, Nightmare Before the Tempest adds new Fortnite character skins, items in the store… and the big news: the classic monsters of Universal.

The battle bus that flew over Universal Studios is because of this: you can now get the classic skins of Frankenstein and The Mummy for Fortnite, both belonging to the original versions.

Of course, there are also available Halloween skins for iconic Fortnite characters, as well as a new weapon, special letters for the store and other themed novelties for the event.

These are the main novelties of Fortnite: Nightmare Before the Tempest.

Classic Universal Monsters

First of all we have Frankenstein skin, taken from the classic 1931 film, with the participation of the iconic Boris Karloff. The green color and the nut are its hallmarks.

His skin includes a digging shovel as a pickaxe, a weapon skin which corpse, and a brain in a jar as a decorative item.

We also have The Mummy skin (called Imhotep), played by Boris Karloff, and taken from the Universal classic of 1932. It will arrive at the end of this month.

Epic Games has announced that other Universal classic skins will be arriving, such as Dracula, Werewolf or the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Skins and thematic articles

The first big news are the pumpkin costumes, which have been designed by the community and have different variants.

On the other hand we find Boxy and Boxer skins, skeleton-themed for male and female characters.

The skin of Geometriks, a creature made of purple cubes, which will have to do with the theme of season 8.

As a culmination, we have Ions, a goth woman who can turn into a lycanthrope, accompanied by various items and cosmetics.

Halloween Cube Event

Details are not yet known, but some insiders claim that Fortnite Season 8 cubes will converge at a single point on the occasion of Halloween.

Another novelty is the crossbow Dual Fiend Hunters, a special weapon that deals more damage to demons in Sideways areas.

Epic will also add new missions and challenges in the next few weeks … in addition to Short Nites Festival, with terrifying examples to pass a lot, a lot of fear.

The creators of Fortnite have revealed that they will announce more content and news in the coming weeks.

These 15 video games will offer you hours and hours of fun in the company of a friend or family member, thanks to their fun split-screen multiplayer modes.

All these news are now available in Fortnite Season 8, starting at 10:00 a.m. today, October 5. Don’t be afraid and get into this fun Halloween event.

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Source: Epic Games



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