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Fortnite: the ‘Hug of the Bear’ gesture temporarily removed from the game, and Epic will return the money

The official Fortnite account on Twitter for Spain tells us today terrible news: Bear Hugs are temporarily prohibited.

In fact, players are advised to keep their distance from each other … Unless it’s to get to the Top 1, of course.

Is a health and safety message hidden?

It would have been a surprising detail if Fortnite had teamed up with pro-health law enforcement to tweet in favor of social distancing in COVID time also in the game. But it does not appear to be the case.

No, the problem is quite different … It really seems that players can no longer cuddle without falling victim to an in-game bug.

The video of this player shows that the gesture of the “Hug the Bear” causes too intimate reconciliations between the players … Don’t worry, it’s not about anything too risque, but Fortnite is a game that seems to be played a lot juvenile. Therefore, it was better to remove the gesture than to leave it as it was.

While we wait for the “Bear Hug” gesture bug to be fixed, Fortnite has kindly asked players to keep their hands on their weapons and not hug others, at least temporarily. In the same way, as the solution to this failure seems that it will take longer than Epic would like, they offer the possibility of returning the gesture to all those buyers who wish to do so.

And to close, we leave you with the Ariana Grande skin and the Rift Tour, the next great Fortnite event.

The time has come, Ariana Grande officially arrives at Fortnite. On the occasion of the Rift Tour that will take place from August 7 to 9, players will be able to participate and attend various performances by the artist. Two exclusive skins of the singer are now available in the in-game store.



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