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Fortnite: New Daybreak Survival Mode?


By: Nicolás Vásquez | 05-11-21

Fortnite became popular for its Battle Royale mode, however the game offers other types of game modes such as its Save the World and Creative mode.

Apparently the company seeks to continue expanding its game modes to have more reach to other audiences, as some leaks say that Fortnite will have a new game mode called Daybreak. This mode would add multiple survival mechanics.

These leaks occurred in a document of the trial between Epic Games and Apple. In the description of the mode it is indicated that the players would wake up on an island, without remembering how they arrived. Completely unarmed, the players will have to seek resources to survive.

The resource gathering stage must be done while the map is day, since dangerous creatures will appear at night. Daybreak would not forget multiplayer, as users can find each other and form alliances that help them survive.


Apparently, the ultimate goal of the game mode is to find parts to repair a helicopter and escape the island. the spare parts and fuel will be distributed in different areas of the map.

For the moment Epic games has not made this information official. Although the idea does not sound crazy, we will have to wait for the study to confirm all this kind of information.



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