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Fortnite: Fortnite put us out of work: have game guides become unnecessary?

ORne of the innovations included in the Eighth Season of this second Fortnite chapter were the Perforated cards: a dynamic that allows players to complete several missions in a row without having to change games. And although, right now Fortnite still has to adjust the amount of XP it gives with each mission, is a very comfortable system for gamers, but it seems that not so much so for internet content creators.

Or well, rather, not for everyone. That is the complaint of the columnist of the section of video games, series and films of the magazine Forbes in English, Paul Tassi, who has devoted his writing work on Fortnite to … complaining about Fortnite. From Epic Games, rather, for having included “guides” within the same missions.

Just last season, at this point, Internet searches focused on “what is the weekly quest?”, “where are the Kymera Alien Artifacts?”, “where to find X item?”. We know it: we also work for that. But now it has become unnecessary: ​​the quests are down and players no longer need it.

Now the game gives you multiple clues to complete the missions: It tells you on the map where to do them, it shows you on the mini-map in which direction to look and if you play with friends, you don’t need to do it yourself., with someone from the squad fulfilling the mission, it will also count as you did them. And that has Mr. Tassi very annoying … other media about video games.

Because an Internet search may be free for you, but it is money that circulates on the net. Money that helps support digital magazines. If there are no searches, there are no users, and without users, there is no money. S: Hundreds of thousands of dollars are lost just because Epic games made it easier for you to complete missions.

While Tassi proposes that the reason may be that Epic does not want you to exit the game to consult Google and find out how to accomplish that mission, the reason may be even simpler: Most players have serious problems completing missions, even the simplest ones. So Epic has chosen to make them as easy as possible, in the face of constant complaints from its community.

And have the players noticed? Not at all. The missions still require several attempts in some cases. The fact that the guide is included does not mean that the mission is given away, as proposed by Mr. Tassi. Furthermore, he has forgotten Another clear competition: the users themselves. Many Fortnite players prefer to ask between groups and friends before going to the search engine and coming to us.

Which (although it also affects us) we celebrate: Fortnite, like all multiplayer video games, seeks above all to build a community. And we’re glad people at Fortnite are doing it. Is Mr. Tassi’s complaint coming? Quiz. But then you should focus on all those multiple games that are still a trend and that are not usually so visited by the media. Because yeah, that’s the uncomfortable truth: Epic made it pretty easy for us too.

What do you think? Do you still use guides on the Internet to consult about your games? Or why do you visit gaming pages like, for example, this text that you are reading?



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