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Fornite Patch 17.40 Update Brings Wild Weeks Back – Almomento

Mexico City.- A little less than a month before season 7 of chapter 2 of Fortnite comes to an end, said open-world video game has offered an important update for its players, because with this, the wild weeks will return. But what do we mean exactly? According to what is indicated by Fortnite through Epic Games, every Tuesday until the season ends, legendary missions will arrive that will have different objectives.

Likewise, with the return of the wild weeks, players will have to be very stealthy when facing their opponents. Since as of this Thursday, the island’s weapons will be exchanged for versions with a silencer. Similarly, to be a little more discreet, finding mimics will no longer be so difficult, since their production has increased.

Mimetizer and Pulse Rifle

It is important to clarify that the mimic allows the player who obtains it, to change shape for an object, be it a vase, a dispenser, even a bush, this in order to go unnoticed. Undoubtedly, an excellent tool for when you want to hide from other competitors and be able to surprise them, without suspecting anything.

On the other hand, the weapon known as the Pulse Rifle has been modified by the invaders, as there will be a “Kymera” NPC that will be found on the island selling the “Burst Pulse Riifle”, which fires two-shot bursts. when aiming down the sights and has a larger magazine.

Goodbye to Coral Castle

After taking the area of ​​Sticky Swamp and leaving a mess, the Mothership is now heading to Coral Castle, we know, it was not everyone’s favorite place, but it will certainly be missed a bit. And like Sticky Swamp, it will gradually disappear until it leaves a crater.

Imposter Mode

Finally, Fortnite has also announced a new game mode called ‘Imposters’, where players will take the role assigned to them, either as agents or impostors and in which they will have to complete tasks such as calibrating flames and submitting reports of the storm; however, there will be impostors who will interrupt with the tasks of the agents.

Does it sound like something to you? Apparently this mode is inspired by the Among Us video game, in which the impostor or impostors have to be discovered before the ship breaks down or the agent players are eliminated.

“Imposters is available as a public game or for a private group of four to ten players. Since there is danger around every corner, trust no one. “Fortnite

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