Find out about the new Daybreak game mode in Fornite

Yes OK Fortnite It is popular for its Battle Royale mode, the reality is that the Epic Games game offers other types of experiences to players with modalities such as Save the World and Creative.

Everything indicates that the company wants to further expand the scope of the title, as leaks suggest that Fortnite will have a new mode called Daybreak. The community is excited, as this novelty would add multiple survival mechanics to the title.


The details of Daybreak were leaked in a document of the trial between Epic Games and Apple. Thanks to this, we know that this modality would incorporate elements of survival and open world to the popular title.

The description of the mode indicates that the players will wake up alone on the coast of the Island, without remembering how they got to the place. Completely unarmed, they will have to search for resources, weapons and ammunition in order to survive.

This will have to be done while it is daytime, as dangerous creatures will appear at nightfall. Daybreak would not forget the multiplayer component, as players can find each other and form alliances to make survival easier.

Apparently, the goal will be to find parts to repair a helicopter and escape from the place. Spare parts and fuel would be distributed in various locations on the island. The task must be completed before the third night, at which time the storm will begin to do its thing.

Dataminers long ago found clues to a mysterious Battle Royale map. Now the leaked images have been linked to Daybreak.

It is important to mention that, for now, Epic Games has not revealed details or confirmed this supposed modality. Although the idea does not sound far-fetched, we will have to wait for the study to provide information about this novelty that has fans excited.

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