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Continue the war! Hugh Jackman’s funny video about Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

USA-. Hugh jackman and Ryan reynolds They have been “frenemies” for more than ten years. Both actors have a humorous side so great that when they have any type of exchange they intensify it wholesale. To top it off, although Reynolds and Blake Lively are happily married, they love to tease each other. Jackman he saw an opportunity and couldn’t help but punish his “frenemie”.

This week, Lively he paid homage to his father by creating his own beverage line without alcohol Betty buzz. The actress spent the past three years coming up with the ideal drink for people who “don’t drink alcohol” just like her. Jackman posted a video on her Instagram to congratulate Lively on the amazing taste of her new product, and incidentally to annoy Reynolds.

“This is not an ad and no, I was not asked to shoot this video I did it because Blake Lively is a class act, a 7 days a week sun and her new soda drink Betty Buzz is absolutely delicious!” She wrote Jackman in the description. “Deb and I love all flavors. But more importantly, we love the woman who created it, Blake Lively. You are one of a kind, ”said the actor in the video. But Jackman I couldn’t leave it there.

“You are simply fun, you are creative, you are a ray of sunshine seven days a week and you are a saint for marrying that man. I’m sorry … I’m not sorry, “he concluded. Jackman in your video. Reynolds he followed up with the match and commented, “This was not part of the deal when I bought this video on Cameo.” Cameo is an app through which you can ask some celebrities for personalized videos.

Lively She also joined the exchange, but not to defend her husband. “I think we can all agree that Ryan’s best trait is you, me and Deb (Jackman’s wife Furness),” he wrote after thanking Jackman. The “rivalry” between Reynolds and Jackman began in 2009 when they met on the set of Wolverine, as Jackman teased Reynolds for marrying Scarlett Johansson, a great friend of the actor.

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