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Bershka and Julia Roberts’ blazer in ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’

It’s one of those movies. Along with Dirty dancing, Pretty Woman or Notting Hill. They left us marked at all levels, also in clothing and looks. We talked about ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’, with Julia Roberts, in her role as Julianne Potter, trying to torpedo her best friend, Michael O’Neal’s wedding to Kimberly. A romantic comedy plot with an ‘unhappy’ ending in which Julia Roberts desperately tries to achieve what she believes is being stolen from her.

And of course it also made us notice in her looks throughout the movie. And the one that impacted us the most is the one we can now emulate in Bershka.

It is an oversized gray blazer with a white pinstripe that she wears over a vest top in the restaurant scene at family meal.

Julia Roberts has already shown on previous occasions, and on subsequent occasions, that she is the queen of oversize Americans which were a trend in the 80s and 90s and are now once again the most combinable garments in halftime seasons.

This movie from ‘My best friend’s wedding’ is from 1997 and left us this look with an oversized pinstripe blazer To remember. Now, 24 years later, at Bershka they have rescued it from the trunk of memories and have made it the icon garment of the brand’s new fall winter season.

And it is the SAME. It even impresses with how SAME it is. And we see so many options to emulate Julia Roberts, that we will soon go for her and add her to our best looks.

Julia Roberts’ looks in the movie ‘My best friend’s wedding’

ulia roberts in 'my best friend's wedding' movie


ulia roberts in 'my best friend's wedding' movie


Julia Roberts in 'My Best Friend's Wedding' Movie


Bershka’s jacket (€ 39.99)


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