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Bella Poarch comes to Fortnite

That Epic Games has had a great eye to bring in great figures of popular culture is not denied by anyone. The concerts of Bad Bunny, Marshmello or Travis Scott are a good example that the Fortnite it is much more than just a game.

The latest to join her particular universe is Bella Poarch, the fourth tiktoker with the most followers in the world (just passed by Khaby Lame), which links two milestones in his career after taking out with great success ‘Build a Bitch’, his unstoppable musical debut.

She is not the first to make the transition from TikTok to singer: tell Dixie D’Amelio or Addison Rae. However, it is the first on its platform to have an emote in battle royale.

It is a little dance that can be achieved by 500 V-Bucks (in-game currency, nothing cheap) and that users can use in the middle of the game to celebrate a casualty or taunt an opponent. Also to dance without more, since in events it is the only thing that is allowed with the absence of weapons.

The Emote is called ‘Build Up’, a clear reference to the theme that Bella launched last week and that precedes what could be a skin like TheGrefg’s in the game.

Poarch has only taught the dance on his social networks, but it is not ruled out that with its recently achieved popularity the Fortnite programmers get to work to put it as a playable character. Stranger things have happened, and it sure has its audience.

What is more likely right now is that he will give a mini-concert within the game, something that is always welcomed by the community and that this time would be quite short, because the tiktoker-singer right now only has one song in her repertoire.



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