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1 billion views! Katy Perry celebrates an unprecedented achievement on her social networks

USA. – Katy Perry celebrated in his social networks a triumph achieved with his album “Smile”. It came out last year and has now achieved one billion views on the streaming platform Spotify. A great achievement for the singer, after a season with not very successful albums.

The American artist is known for her marked colorful style when creating an album, and the aesthetics of the same usually carry a distinctive tone. In the case of “Smile”, The one chosen was red, since on the cover the singer appears characterized as a clown with a characteristic nose. The singer had not released new material since 2017 with “Witness”, Which did not do particularly well.

He took a long time to recover and write again, which was great considering the success he achieved. The single “Never Really Over”Is one of the most listened to on record material and has a lot of meaning for Katy. The song that gives the song the title, to the point that I also collect several reproductions on the different streaming platforms.

Instagram: Katy Perry

The singer recently released a new single called “Electric,” which was featured in the teen movie by Netflix “He’s All That” as part of the soundtrack. The singer’s fans are already suspicious about the release of a new studio album for this 2021. Maybe Katy Perry We are surprised this end of the year with the arrival of new music that the public and critics like.

Let’s remember that the singer has never taken home an award Grammy despite having so many good and popular songs under his belt. Maybe a new album will have the doors to a nomination, after so many years without one. Katy Perry seems to want to return to the music industry stronger than ever after the pandemic.

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