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Will Smith reveals his best and worst movie | TV and Show

The American actor Will Smith revealed what, in his opinion, the best and worst movies of his long career on the big screen.

Smith participated in an episode of Actually Me, from GQ, where he opened accounts on different portals to answer questions or comments from followers.

In the section of Quora, Smith came to a publication that just asked Internet users about his best and worst movie.

Before the cameras of GQ, the artist explained that if it is the first thing there is a tie between the first installment of Men in Black and Looking for happiness.

“For different reasons, both are almost perfect movies.”commented Smith, who with the first reinforced his worldwide fame and with the second achieved an Oscar nomination.

If it is the worst, the answer seems to be clear: Wild wild west, from 1999, with Salma Hayek and Kenneth Branagh, a story that takes place around a crazy inventor who wants to assassinate the eighteenth president of the United States, Ulysses S. Grant, for which he orders Smith’s character, James West, arrest him.

Apparently, Smith is not alone in his assessment. When consulting the specialized site Rotten Tomatoes, Wild wild west He only has a 17% approval rating, which only goes up to 23% in the eyes of the audience.

Quite the contrary, Men in Black has 92% and 79%, respectively; and Looking for happiness 67% and 87%, respectively.

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