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Will Smith on Ayahuasca: ‘The Best Feeling I Ever Had, Without Comparison’

✍ October 4, 2021 – 12:09

One of the most iconic movie stars of our time, Will Smith, is the latest celebrity to have tried psychedelics and has only praise for it.

The actor appears in the latest issue of GQ and tells how a mantra of Denzel Washington,fk-it 50”(The 50 of“ to the devil ”), led him to greater happiness, spiritual fulfillment and more than a dozen ayahuasca retreats in Peru.

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“Over the years, I always called Denzel. He’s a real sage, ”says Smith of his friendship with the actor. “I was about 48 years old and I called Denzel. He said, ‘Listen. You have to think that 40 is funky. The 40s around the world are funky‘. He said, ‘But wait till you get to the fk-it 50‘”.

“He told me: ‘Be patient with your 40s.’ I stopped and kept thinking: ’40 is funky and at 50 you send everything to hell, “continues Smith. And that is exactly what happened. At 50, I said ‘to hell with everything’, and I gave myself the freedom to do whatever I wanted ”.

And apparently that freedom led to an even greater sense of liberation while under the influence of the ayahuasca. This is a South American psychoactive concoction made from the leaves of the shrub Psychotriva viridis and the stems of the vine Banisteriopsis caapi.

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Smith did not speak about it in the article, but he did speak about it in his memoirs, Will, which will hit bookstores in November.

“This was my first little taste of freedom”Smith writes about his first experience, in a short excerpt posted on GQ. “In my more than fifty years on this planet, this is the best feeling I have had, without comparison.”

The actor follows in the footsteps of Megan Fox, Miley Cyrus and the comedian Chelsea handler, who also participated in ayahuasca ceremonies and spoke about them publicly.

Ayahuasca contains the active ingredients DMT (dimethyltryptamine) and a MAOI (monoamine oxidase inhibitor). When combined and consumed, they create an altered state of consciousness that can include hallucinations and a feeling of euphoria. Or, in Fox’s words, “It gets directly into your soul and takes you to the psychological prison in which you find yourself.”

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“There was nothing glamorous about it, and it’s all part of making you vulnerable, so you kind of indulge in the experience,” the actress told Jimmy Kimmel. He concluded that, in his experience, ayahuasca “beats talk therapy or hypnotherapy.”

Cyrus told Rolling Stone earlier this year that “ayahuasca was definitely one of my favorite drugs that I have ever taken.”

We look forward to learning more about Smith’s psychedelic healing experience when his memoirs become available. But he made it clear to GQ that ayahuasca was just one part of a deliberate journey to evolve as a human being, not just as a movie star. He rented a house in Utah to sit in solitude for 14 days, opened a stand-up show for Dave Chappelle, and began traveling without security for the first time.

“I was totally open to what, I think, was a new sample of the fruits of human experience”, Smith says.

Via Psychedelic Spotlight, translated by El Planteo.

Photo by Walmart Stores, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons // Edited in Canva

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