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United in Stormwind arrives to revolutionize HearthStone

With all the letters from United in Stormwind revealed just a few hours after the expansion is launched in Hearthstone, everything seems to indicate that a new and interesting goal to the Blizzard card game.

United in Stormwind arrives to revolutionize HearthStone

United in Stormwind arrives to revolutionize HearthStone

We already gave him a review of the first cards shown and then he already looked good. But as the rest of the expansion was shown, everything heralds a new revolution in the meta with new mechanics and game synergies. In this second post we are going to do a little review of each class with a screenshot of all the cards corresponding to United in Stormwind. All classes have the new quest chain, I already wrote about the wizard in the previous post, and some classes have a tool or mount as new standard cards. Ideally, you should have the enlarged image while you are reading my comments, I will try to get to the point quite a bit, and if you want to see any of the augmented letters, go to this link on the official website to do so.

Demon Hunter

United in Stormwind arrives to revolutionize HearthStone

The chain of missions seems very strong and fearsome … at the same time that it seems complicated to me. It is not easy to draw four, five and five more cards in a turn even if you have mechanics to do so. Not only because you need a specific synergy, but we are talking about drawing half a deck quickly, so it will be rare that you do not burn cards. It also has some Vile School spells synergized with the legendary Jace Darkweaver. On the other hand I am surprised not to see a mount since in the presentation video it is uploaded in one, perhaps it will arrive in the mini mid-expansion.


United in Stormwind arrives to revolutionize HearthStone

Druid leads a mission based on the hero’s attack without the need for a weapon in exchange for a lot of armor. It does not seem a very effective mechanic and it does not seem to me to be very playable, more seeing how the decks of tokens still very strong in this goal and that is also reinforced with those Compost and Sembrar La Tierra cards.


United in Stormwind arrives to revolutionize HearthStone

For me it is the most interesting chain of missions shown. It seems relatively easy to do damage with Hunter spells, and the effect is very useful for playing aggressive and to the opponent’s face regardless of what is on the table. It also has quite interesting rat-based beast mechanics that also comes with the leatherworking tool with a good synergy of beasts and of course the mount.


United in Stormwind arrives to revolutionize HearthStone

The quest chain seems very difficult to achieve because it “forces” you to have a wide variety of spell schools. That if it is possible to achieve, but in my opinion it does not define the win condition from the deck, let’s wait and see what comes out of this. On the other hand, fire spells are nourished by new very powerful cards and with the return of Great Magician Antonidas, a fire spell mechanic seems very viable.


United in Stormwind arrives to revolutionize HearthStone

The chain of missions seems very interesting to me with a great final prize. There are many cards that grant or carry divine shield with a very top synergy with their legendary High Lord Fordagon. It is the indigenous class of Stormwind and makes itself known with its mount and tool.


United in Stormwind arrives to revolutionize HearthStone

A control Priest is clearly coming to get that precious trophy from the quest chain. Heal and endure whatever it takes to take the game to high turns as you complete the missions and get that Purified Fragment of the mission and win the game. The saddle helps to put a good double taunt. And then there are some spells from the shadows for synergy with Archbishop Benedictus, although I do not see it as feasible with the mission if a deck manages to mix both synergies it will reign supreme. goal safe.


United in Stormwind arrives to revolutionize HearthStone

I’m not sure how to interpret the mechanics of this rogue expansion. The chain of missions is quite feasible to achieve by seeing the amount of cards added from IV: 7 to those that the game already had, but at the same time the prize I do not know if it is good enough to win a game. Is he trolling maximum very characteristic of a rogue based on sigils, secrets, and return of letters by hand and that has its maximum expression in that Master of the Masquerade. All very crazy that you want to play … or not.


United in Stormwind arrives to revolutionize HearthStone

To date, overload mechanics were not competitive enough. It was once played thanks to cards that unlocked overcharged crystals and this is exactly what you are looking for with the included shaman cards in United in Stormwind. The quest chain is very useful as well as achievable and cards such as charged call and overdraft are going to be highly played. Sure it won’t be easy to manage a deck like this, but there are many wanting to try it.


United in Stormwind arrives to revolutionize HearthStone

If the Warlock was already a class that takes damage on its turns to gain benefits, this quest chain further encourages this game practice by acquiring Blight Whelpling Tamsin and reversing that damage to your hero on the opponent. Also playing with a full hand will have its corresponding cards that benefit from this mechanic, such as the legendary Anetheron.


United in Stormwind arrives to revolutionize HearthStone

TO THE BOARDING !!! And that would sum up everything about warrior in United in Stormwind.

To finish we are going to see some of the best neutral cards shown and that will be the desire of all the players in the first envelopes that they open. For this I use the traditional format that I use to display letters.

If you have ever seen South Park you will remember episode 8 of season 10 called “Make Love, not Warcraft” where the protagonists of the game start to kill wild boars in World Of Warcraft to defeat Jenkins that not even Blizzard can stop his power. To defeat him they created the Sword of a Thousand Truths and with this card you can equip it in the game. Spectacular.

Majestic letter from Lady Prestor, one of the most mythical characters in WoW. She is the human form of the black dragon Onyxia and daughter of Deathwing, hence her effect with the battle cry. It is also the magician skin that you get with the pre-purchase. It is sublime.

The letter from Varian, king of Stormwind and father of Anduin, could not be missing with a monument tomb in the huge city and which is one of the most representative symbols of the Alliance order. A colossal effect that combines very well especially with Paladin.

You still have time to get the pre-purchase before the launch of the expansion United in Stormwind August 3rd. The standard pre-purchase includes 60 Raised in Stormwind booster packs, two random Legendary cards from United in Stormwind and the “Lady Katrana Prestor” card back for € 49.99. And the megapack United in Stormwind Includes 80 United in Stormwind card packs, five golden United in Stormwind card packs, two Random Golden Legendary cards from United in Stormwind, alternate mage heroine Lady Katrana Prestor, “Lady Katrana Prestor” card back, Alternate Innkeeper Ve’nari for Battlegrounds and Perks for Battlegrounds for € 79.99.

United in Stormwind to bring HearthStone to Phase 2

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