Unexpected passenger: Anna Kendrick on a mission to Mars

Good news for science fiction fans -and Anna Kendrick- that this thriller arrives on Netflix in mid-April and we already have the trailer.

April is undoubtedly a month of great premieres for the streaming platform and one of them is this movie in which everything goes well until they discover a problem that could cost them their lives. The cast is headed by Anna Kendrick, Toni Colette, Daniel Dae Kim and Shamier Anderson and is directed by Brazilian filmmaker Joe Penna.

In the story, three astronauts on board discover that a space engineer also took off with them, apparently because he suffered a blow that left him unconscious and that kept his presence hidden there. The problem is that very soon they discover that the subs they have, will not be enough for 4 people in the ship.

Anna Kendrick, mentioned about the film for EW: “what feels really relevant is less the isolation, and more the problem solving part of the brain, regarding situations that we were all so vigorously involved in the first months of the pandemic. That constant ‘wait, okay, how do we fix this?’ And just when it looks like you’re fixing it, there’s a very obvious fundamental problem popping up. “

The tension grows in the trailer and we see that it is accentuated by the confined space of the spaceship in contrast, sometimes shocking, with the extreme openness of the endless starscape just outside it. “I know Penna wanted him to feel incredibly claustrophobic, and that wasn’t difficult!” Anna Kendrick finally explained.

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