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This is Hammer of the Lightbringer, from the United in Stormwind expansion

We exclusively show you one of the new Hearthstone cards that will be part of the next expansion, United in Stormwind, which is scheduled to arrive at the game on August 3. It’s about the letter Lightbringer’s Hammer, of which we show you its image and its description in Spanish:

If you are going to avoid the total demonic destruction of a great city, you will need powerful weapons to get the job done. A controlling paladin archetype will want to eliminate those pesky minions from their opponent’s starting game and being able to do so while maintaining a safe life total is truly valuable. Channel the light and crush your enemies like a noble paladin with weapons.

Lightbringer’s Hammer It is a new card that will be attached to the existing hammers, with a cost of 3 mana, 3 attack points and 2 defense; Has Lifesteal and cannot attack heroes. Can it serve you in your next tactics? Does it seem like a really interesting new letter? We’ll see how it works in Hearthstone once it arrives alongside the rest of the expansion.

United in Stormwind, the second major expansion this year

This new card is one of 135 new pieces that will be joined in Hearthstone’s next major expansion, United in Stormwind., which is the second major update of the game in 2021. This entire new collection will be launched worldwide on August 3 and can now be pre-purchased, allowing you to obtain 60 packs of the new collection, along with two legendary cards random cards and the back of the Lady Katrana Prestor card.

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