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Thijs leaves the Hearthstone Grandmasters

Thijs Molendijk, a member of G2 Esports, has announced that he will stop competing in the Grandmasters from Hearthstone. The Dutchman has made an official statement through a TwitLonger in which he has revealed why he is leaving the competitive circuit and ending an eight-year career. However, he also streamer has announced that it will not stop making content about the Blizzard Entertainment title as it will continue to be linked to both the video game and its community.

The goodbye of one of the best European players in history

Thijs has put an end to an eight-year career by not quite enjoying the last Grandmasters. «In recent seasons I felt that the Grandmasters they were more of an obligation than something he was enjoying. At the beginning it was a lot of fun to compete in the GM but in the last two seasons I did not feel the satisfaction that I needed to continue ”, declared the member of G2 Esports.

The player lamented the lack of audiences due to the pandemic and criticized Twitch’s move to YouTube + for the Hearthstone broadcast.. The Dutchman has stated that both changes made him feel alienated from the fans. Beyond the factors that have contributed to his decision, this is not spontaneous, but rather premeditated: “The decision to leave GM was on my mind last season when I wrote a similar message. I wanted to give it one more chance this season and see if that temporary feeling would go away. “

Within his career, the most notorious titles for Thijs are the European championship achieved in 2015 in Prague and the victory in the China tournament against Europe, held in 2018. The Dutchman showed that he had a “thorn in the head” by the semifinals of the 2015 World Cup, where he believes he could have been proclaimed champion. “I am very sure that in 2015 if I had won the semifinal against Ostkaka in that monumental match I would be the world champion” declared the G2 member. From now on he will continue to be linked to the Hearthstone community as a content creator for Carlos Rodríguez’s club «Ocelot«.

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