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the reunion of Sofía Vergara and Rico Rodríguez

Modern family It was one of the most successful comedies in television history, followed by millions of people around the world and awarded five consecutive Best Comedy Awards at the Emmys. After eleven years of broadcast and 250 episodes of laughter and fun, last year the latest adventure of one of the most peculiar families on TV was broadcast. Throughout these years, the actors and actresses of Modern family They have grown professionally and personally, becoming a true family, both on and off the set.


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Now, a year after saying goodbye to viewers, two much-loved characters from Modern Family, Gloria (Sofía Vergara) and Manny (Rico Rodriguez), have starred in a very emotional moment when they meet again on the set of America’s Got Talent. Rico Rodríguez himself has shared through his Instagram profile the embrace in which mother and son were fused in fiction: “One of the things that made the night so special was to meet up with Sofía Vergara live. world in backstage managed to keep it a secret, “says the actor in the post from Instagram.

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The actor also thanked the program for the opportunity to make such an emotional reunion. “We hadn’t seen each other for over a year!” Says the actor.

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Rico has shared a video in which you can see Sofía Vergara’s reaction of surprise, that she did not expect the appearance of her son for 11 years and whom she saw grow up. In fact, Rodríguez was only 11 years old when he stepped into the shoes of Many for the first time, the son of Gloria (Sofía Vergara), who married Jay Pritchett (Ed O’Neill).

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Rico Rodriguez and Julie Bowen in an image from the series.

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Rico, of Mexican origin, is 23 years old and has become a star on Instagram, where he has more than 1.2 million followers. There is nothing left of that small and short boy, as shown in his Instagram posts, Rodríguez is a lover of sports, especially basketball and baseball, rock music, rap and the saga Star wars.

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