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The Fortnite Champion Series will return soon and you could become a millionaire

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The esports scene of Fortnite took a break due to the pandemic, but Epic Games has done its best to keep it going with various online tournaments. The company is now ready to host another great competition, as it announced that the Fortnite Champion Series will return soon with an event called the Grand Battle Royale.

This will give Battle Royale players a chance to win large sums of money and become millionaires. The competition is just around the corner, so the studio shared all the requirements and details to be able to participate.

As you can imagine, the Fortnite Champion Series will have an attractive prize pool, so only the best players from each region will have a guaranteed place in the tournament.

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What will the Fortnite Champion Series offer and when will it be?

Epic Games confirmed that the Fortnite Champion Series will distribute a $ 5 million prize pool very soon, so it will be the event this year with the most money at stake. The tournament is open to players from all regions, but keep in mind that only the top 33 teams from each zone will win a prize.

The competition will be held with a new format, which we will talk about later, during 2 different weekends. The Grand Battle Royale of the Fortnite Champion Series will officially start on November 11 and will have several phases.

The qualifying stages will be from November 11 to 14, which will continue from November 19 to 21 until the grand final. There will be a Loading Session on November 12, which will allow players to play matches for 3 hours to accumulate as many points for wins and eliminations as possible.

There will also be a Reload Path, intended for players who want another chance to advance to the next round. On this occasion, the participants will have 3 opportunities to position themselves as one of the 8 best squads of the session.

Later, the Victory Path will be held, where there will be 4 sessions of 8 games each. Teams that achieve a free-for-all or victory will advance to the Grand Final. It will be played until you have the 33 best teams in the competition.

The final will be played on 2 different days in a format of 6 games each day. During the final day, double points will be played for eliminations and master victories.

How to participate in the Grand Battle Royale of Fortnite Champion Series?

There are important requirements to participate in the tournament and win a share of the prize. To get started, participants will need to have a level 30 account and activate 2-step verification. Likewise, they must be of legal age or, otherwise, have the permission of their parents or a guardian.

Additionally, they must have concluded a Fortnite Champion Series round sometime this year (qualifier round 4, FNCS semi-final, or final). The events will start from October 14. Participants must form a trio with 2 other players who also meet the first requirements, without the need to have participated in the FNCS throughout this year.

“Choose your companions wisely. Once they have started the FNCS Grand Battle Royale with a team, they will not be able to change it for the duration of the event, ”recommended Epic Games. If you have doubts, here you can read the complete regulations of the tournament.

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Fortnite is available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PC and mobile. Find more information related to Battle Royale on this page.

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