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So you can lie down to sleep listening to the voice of Chris Hemsworth (yes, Thor) | Orientation | Magazine

The athlete and actor famous for his role in The Avengers leads the Centr wellness mobile app (Android and iOS).

For Chris Hemsworth and his team of trainers and nutritionists, enjoying good health does not only imply having a good work out, otherwise eat properly and even sleep well.

With this objective, the mobile application Centr, which has Hemsworth as its image, contains an extensive program of meditations (some for sleep) that help the user to decrease your stress, even fall asleep more quickly.

Although there are some coaches that guide the user in this process, which can last between 5 and 15 minutes (depending on the meditation chosen), Chris Hemsworth himself is also among them, so you can sleep, release stress and focus, to the rhythm of his voice.

The series titled Learn to meditate has eight episodes available in the app. “After learning a thing or two about training your body over the years, Chris now wants to help you develop a stronger mind. For the next 7 days, Chris will guide you through the series that will introduce you to the different styles and benefits of meditation.”, Sums up the first chapter.

Each day of the series will feature a new style: stress release, dream visualization to help you disconnect, breathing to find calm, concentration to stay on track towards your goals, motivation to increase self-confidence, a body scan to release tension, and visualize success for a maximum performance ”.

According to Hemsworth, in less than 10 minutes a day you can start a new habit and get the tools you need for a calmer and healthier mind. (I)

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