Netflix Movies You Must Watch If You Miss Someone Special

Missing someone is one of the most common feelings that we will have to face in life, either due to the departure of a loved one or to get away from someone who does not suit us, So when nostalgia strikes, it’s best to indulge in a Netflix movie marathon.

Netflix movies to remind you of that person you miss

Charlie St. Cloud

This film strikes fibers.- Pinterest.

It is one of the most popular Zac Efron tapes for the emotionality of its argument where they introduce us to Charlie, that he took a job at the cemetery where his little brother is buried.

There he has visions with him every night, but when a girl crosses his path, He must decide whether to follow his girlfriend or stay with his brother.

Dear john

Netflix movies
How far can a love fight? – Pinterest.

Long distance relationships are never easy and the best proof is in this feature film by Channing Tatum with Amanda Seyfried in its cast. There, They will have a very passionate love but one that must face the distance as he is a military man in combat.

They will keep their love by letters, however, How long will they be able to sustain it?

Love and other addictions

Netflix movies
Life-changing special people always arrive unexpectedly.- Pinterest.

There are times in life where we have to see a loved one leave or suffer, which makes us question the motives of life, the injustices and the reason for being here.

Something similar will go through this uneven couple, made up of Maggie, an independent woman who has decided to live without ties. She will meet Jamie, a young man whose irresistible charm works on her, even though she decided to stay away from men by suffering an incurable disease.

6 years

It is always better to let go before the relationship becomes toxic.- Pinterest.

This is one of the most recommended Netflix youth movies for everyone as it shows us a seemingly ideal partner who begins to fall apart due to unexpected circumstances that make their life unstable, threatening the future they had imagined.

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